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Bookspam: A Book Reviewing Community
5th-Jun-2006 10:11 pm
Yeats: too much reality
Hi everyone! Welcome to Bookspammers. For those of you I don't know, feel free to introduce yourselves, or ping me on AIM (LunarEndeavor) or Y!M (roismelinor) at any time. I'm Beth, I am mod/editor. This post will be locked later and filtered to active reviewers.

Some simple rules to get us started.

1. Reviewers must write up at least one book per month. This is primarily to ensure that the community remains active. If people could commit to submitting their review during a particular week of each month, that'd be helpful too, so that we don't get a flood of reviews at the end of the month, and nothing in the weeks prior. I'll keep track and send out reminder emails one week before deadline. It'd be helpful if you submitted the title you want to review ahead of time, but since we are readers and thus eccentric, last-minute changes are acceptable, but use good judgment in choosing your last-minute replacement.

2. Email reviews to bookspammers@gmail.com prior to posting it, for checking and light editing.

3. Nobody is limited to a specific genre, and almost anything goes. However, there are a few restrictions.
* Comic book reviews are restricted to trade paperbacks and graphic novels.
* Preferably, no series in which the author does not own the source material, such as game novels or any number of multivolume teen series. Exceptions will be made if you think it is really that good and argue its case well enough.
* Uber-popular releases (say, The Da Vinci Code) or releases that appeal to multiple reviewers (that means us, Song of Ice & Fire fans) are limited to two reviews in the first three months after release, just to keep variety going. If more than two people want to review the book in question, they can throw their hats in the ring and two will be chosen randomly.
* No textbooks. You may review at text you read for a class as long as it is not a textbook--i.e. do not review your molecular biology book, but if you are assigned Sylvia Plath's Ariel, feel free.

4. Feel free to review a book that you've read before, but do give it a reread first.

5. You may swear in your reviews. But use good judgment, and don't be vulgar.

6. If reviewers fail to turn in a review, without providing advance notice, posting rights will be suspended. However, RL happens, and exams happen, so if you need a hiatus, just email bookspammers@gmail.com and advise me as to how long you will need.

Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Say it here!
6th-Jun-2006 08:26 am (UTC)
Hiya! I'm Jess, and I got here by way of knitmeapony, who I also don't know in real life, but seem to have a ridiculous amount of real life friends in common.

I'll probably focus on travelogues, as I have a horrid case of wanderlust, and I usually pick one of these up everytime I go to the bookstore. I'll most likely be re-reading and reviewing Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Sarah MacDonald the first time around because it's hilarious.

Anything I missed?
6th-Jun-2006 01:26 pm (UTC)
Hey hey! Nice to meet you.

Hah, that sounds fabulous. Excellent! And nope, don't think there's anything you missed.
19th-Jun-2006 06:04 pm (UTC)
Also here via knitmeapony, and I have a quick question.

I've been doing my best to write book reviews every Tuesday for the last two years or so (since mid-2004), and I tend to post more than one book at a time. I'd love to post a few of them here, but in spite of the community's name I don't want to feel like I'm spamming the comm every week. ^^;; Should I simply cross-post my Tuesday Book Reviews here when they go up? Or should I restrict my reviews to the occasional posting?
19th-Jun-2006 06:06 pm (UTC)
Hi! No, I don't mind the cross-posting at all. You can post all of them, or just pick and choose your favorites--even posting more than one in the same post is fine, since we're tagging entries.
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